Working Equitation

Heather strives to create the best All-Around horses possible.   Working Equitation (WE) is Heather’s venue of choice to showcase this.   With 4 phases (Dressage, Obstacles, Speed and Cattle) WE encourages riders to test their abilities.

Group Membership with the Confederation of Working Equitation

Opagon Farm – W.E. Group Membership Form


Working Equitation ~ Group Lessons

Group sessions are limited to 6 riders.  Cost is $45.00 per rider.  Visit Opagon Farm FB Page or Email Heather @ to sign up.


Heather’s W.E. Journey

                Heather has completed two Pedros Torres Academies with Reserve World Champion Nuno Matos of Portugal.


Heather has worked with Top USA rider Carlos Carneiro.  Carols is a W.E. judge, avid competitor and a sought after clinician.  He currently resides in Napa, CA. Heather with Carlos

 Miguel Undabarrena of Cuadra San Benito Training Center has graciously offered the use of one of his horses for me to use at the Feb. 4th, 2017 show in AZ.  As a jump rider, I was really happy with us placing first in all 3 phases.

This ride also secured Sherep  a Top 10 in Novice B and myself the Region 5 Level 3 Championship with the Confederation of Working Equitation.

Heather SherpeAZ with M.U.


Heather and Mizz Cora were the 2016 Great Lakes Regional Novice A Champions.

If you are interested in learning more about this fast growing sport, Contact Heather for lessons, training or to find out where her next clinic is.

Thank you to Peets Equestrian for the WE Photos.

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