Clinics at Opagon Farm

 Horsemanship Series

“A Foundation you can build on”

Classical principles applied to working purposes.


Jump Start Clinic – March 17th, 2018

Great way to jump start your training with your equine friend and get ready for spring riding. Morning session will start in hand on the flat and over obstacles getting the lines of communication working. Handlers will learn exercises to strengthen our horses for riding. Afternoon session will be mounted with riders working on establishing relaxation and good rhythm in the gaits along with exercises to build suppleness.

Jump Start Clinic Registration Form  3-17-2018

Dressage for Versatility Clinic – April 28th, 2018

Join Heather for a day on the dressage court. Advance your horsemanship as we work on rhythm, relaxation, connection, getting forward, straightness and the building blocks of self carriage. Refine your aids and learn how you can apply your new skills to any other discipline you choose to pursue. Wonderful opportunity for riders looking for help with their Cowboy, Western or Working Equitation dressage tests. Cost is $75.00 per rider and Includes lunch.

Dressage for Versatility Reg. Forms April 28th, 2018

~ Cowboy Dressage ~

Heather is a Recommended Judge with Cowboy Dressage World and an avid competitor.   Come play on the court and see how Cowboy Dressage can help you create a better partnership with your horse.  All Levels and breeds are welcome.  Limited space available.

March 31st, 2018 Cowboy Dressage Play Day Registration

~ Working Equitation ~

Heather strives to create the best All-Around horses possible.   Working Equitation (WE) is Heather’s venue of choice to showcase this.   With 4 phases (Dressage, Obstacles, Speed and Cattle) WE encourages riders to test their abilities and showcase their partnership.

In her quest to learn from the best, Heather has completed two Pedros Torres Academies with Reserve World Champion Nuno Matos of Portugal.  Rode in a clinic with leading rider Carlos Carneiro from Napa, California along with spending 2 days with him at his farm.

Heather is excited to share what she has learned and help Working Equitation grow in the Midwest.

February 24th – FULL ~ March 24th – FULL

~ Cattle  ~

Heather enjoys working cattle from horse back as a way to apply classical movements to a purpose.  Not only does cattle work help with lateral movements but it offers riders an opportunity to build their horses confidence.   Heather will also cover the WE Cattle phase that is offered at select competitions.   Registration forms will be available soon.

July 21st & 22nd 2018 Cattle Reg. Form


~ Guests visiting Opagon Farm~

~September, 2018 ~

Jeff Sanders Modern Vaquero Horsemanship Clinic with Cattle.   sanders3Sanders Pic

4 days of learning to apply classical training to our everyday work.  Riders are encourage to bring their best horse to get the most out of this clinic.

Sander Clinic Reg. & Packet 2018

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