Clinics at Opagon Farm

 Horsemanship Series

“A Foundation you can build on”

Classical principles applied to working purposes.


Dressage for Versatility

Dressage for the Western Horse ~ Clinics will focus on techniques used in classical dressage to help riders working towards one handed riding. Riders will work on creating bend from their seat, introduction to lateral work, refinement of aids to progress to one handed riding along with working with a garrocha poles.

~ Cattle  ~

Heather enjoys working cattle from horse back as a way to apply classical movements to a purpose.  Not only does cattle work help with lateral movements but it offers riders an opportunity to build their horses confidence.   Heather will also cover the WE Cattle phase that is offered at select competitions.   Contact Heather to be placed on the 2019 waiting list.


November 11th and 24th Play days are FULL!  December Play days will be posted soon.  Contact Heather at  to be placed on the waiting list.


~ Guests visiting Opagon Farm~

~November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2018 ~

Jeff Sanders Modern Vaquero Horsemanship Clinic.

sanders3Sanders Pic

3 days of learning to apply classical training to our everyday work.  Riders are encourage to bring their best horse to get the most out of this clinic.

Sander clinic packet Nov 2018

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