boys-in-grassWhat we offer:

  • 72 X 144 Indoor Arena
  • Highest Quality Hay
  • Large pastures with salt/mineral blocks
  • Groomed wooded trails
  • Lounge with Refrigerator and Microwave
  • Obstacle Course – Working Equitation Ease of Handling insideindoor
  • Group Horsey Play Dates and Clinics

Openings – Please contact Heather for more information.  608-206-0596

No Hidden Fees

Board $325.00 per month. Shelters and brought into stalls during bad weather.

  • Full service - Opagon Farm schedules farrier and veterinarian appointments and will hold your horse.
  • Hay, plain oats and large pastures for your equine friend.
  • Blanketing and checking fly masks when needed
  • Bathing during extreme heat
  • Grooming when you are out of town
  • Discounts on Riding lessons and Training
  • First right of refusal on clinics held at Opagon Farm





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